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remove oil and grease stains from concrete using tsp and other cleaners. . add 1/4 cup of muriatic acid to 2 cups of water in a large, shallow plastic pan. each acid cleaning erodes the concrete surface, it's far better for your garage floor if 【Get Price】

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i once tried cleaning a concrete garage floor that had been exposed to leaky oil pans as a last resort, i used an application of muriatic acid—this was the silver 【Get Price】

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apr 17, 2018 muriatic acid is the strongest acid available to the public. it is excellent for cleaning away rust stains and efflorescence, but must be used with 【Get Price】

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sep 6, 2018 guide to cleaning cement and concrete garage floors. for example, muriatic acid is sometimes used to clean concrete and masonry. but, the 【Get Price】

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a true alternative to muriatic acid, it creates the same profile but without the use on bare concrete: garage floors, basements, driveways, carports, patios, 【Get Price】

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learn how to clean a garage floor for a coating or to make it look fresh again. for the toughest of rust stains a mild solution of muriatic acid will work wonders, 【Get Price】

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oct 2, 2015 part 1 how to epoxy a concrete garage floor. 5 step process including using muratic acid to etch the concrete before applying epoxy.【Get Price】

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sep 16, 2017 learn the best way to acid etch your garage floor for a consistent contrary to what many people think, acid will not clean grease and oil spots.【Get Price】

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jun 30, 2016 a step-by-step video of how i personally clean garage floors! the steps are simple, and i have had all happy customers! if you live in my area, 【Get Price】

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note: if your garage floor is extremely dirty, it may be wise to rent a power washer muriatic acid is a highly reactive liquid acid, and one of the most dangerous 【Get Price】

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if you want to clean your garage of oil spills or lay down a coat of stain, acid washing your floor is the the standard ratio is 1 part muriatic acid to 4 parts water.【Get Price】

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select a cleaning or etching product based on your experience level and project location: muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) is the most dangerous option and produces strong fumes. . will acid washing cement reduce the smoothness of the flooring and make it a .【Get Price】

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epoxy will make your floors look nice, clean up easily, and give your garage a finished look . if you'd prefer, you can also use muriatic acid to etch the concrete.【Get Price】

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garage floors take a lot of abuse and generally, when installed by a builder or test your floor for sealer by mixing equal parts muriatic acid and water in your glass measuring cup. power wash the floor to remove anything water can clean.【Get Price】

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it's a powerful acid that will remove all the stains. people are often interested in how to clean garage floor with muriatic acid, but there are no special rules here.【Get Price】

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cleaning floors before concrete staining. surface kemiko, which has been selling acid-based chemical stains for more than 30 years, has an extensive list of 【Get Price】

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jul 3, 2012 epoxy a garage floor. in this first step acid etching the concrete. tools you will need, the application process, and cleaning the acid up.【Get Price】

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muriatic acid is an excellent product for this application. it not only cleans the surface, it etches the concrete so the paint can adhere better. scrub the floor clean 【Get Price】

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dec 11, 2018 the method of cleaning a garage floor depends on the type of the floor. rust stains is the hydrochloric acid (hcl), also known as muriatic acid.【Get Price】

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make a great lasting impression with a painted garage floor. for stubborn stains, use muriatic acid in combination with your pressure washer set to at least 【Get Price】

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feb 23, 2016 some homeowners shy away from acid etching of their concrete floors for fear of the harmful effects of using and handling muriatic acid, the 【Get Price】

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the basic way to clean a garage floor is the same as the it's best to use a pressure washer and muriatic acid.【Get Price】