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aug 20, 2017 like skateboards, you should choose your truck according to the width of your longboard. a deck with 9” width and more, needs 180mm trucks.【Get Price】

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sep 24, 2014 check out longboard decks at tactics: https://www.tactics.com/longboard-decks?cp=ytd looking to get your longboard sideways and dial in 【Get Price】

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check out our guide to selecting the right deck for your specific riding style. choosing the right deck is the most important aspect of selecting a longboard and 【Get Price】

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sep 23, 2014 how to choose a cruising/carving longboard deck - tactics.com. 456k views here's your skatepro longboard buying guide skatepro.com.【Get Price】

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when choosing a longboard deck, the first and most obvious question to ask yourself is: what kind of riding do i want to use it for? no matter what your answer, 【Get Price】

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browse a huge selection of longboards at warehouse skateboards. use our longboard buying guide to find the perfect deck!【Get Price】

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choosing a shorter cruising deck. longboards in the range of 28”-32” — although they're not actually “long”boards — are a great for young riders and smaller 【Get Price】

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aug 15, 2018 there are several styles of longboard trucks. the most common are top, drop though, and drop deck. top mounted trucks look like those found 【Get Price】

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so there you are at a local skate shop or online in your underwear, puzzling through all the different longboard deck shapes. which pushes best?【Get Price】

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longboard decks come in many different styles. the style you choose depends on what you are going to use the board for most often. on top of the shape or 【Get Price】

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choosing the right longboard for me - hybrid deck; if you want to do nose riding and stepping 【Get Price】

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picking the right profile for your longboard's deck goes a long way once you settle on the right 【Get Price】

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check out our tips for choosing the right longboard or cruiser. lots of cruiser models don't have grips on the deck of the board, or a marked curve. this means 【Get Price】

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jul 13, 2015 a flexible longboard deck will soften the ride on rough concrete and over so if you do decide you must have the bendy one, make sure your 【Get Price】

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longboard deck, remember that there are several factors that come into play. the first is the material. you can actually choose 【Get Price】

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according to daddies board shop, the length of the wooden deck determines the speed capabilities of the longboard. choosing the right size longboard allows 【Get Price】

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here at salty peaks, we want to make sure you get on the product that is right for you, so we are going to be doing a series of longboard buying advice articles to 【Get Price】

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to choose the right longboard setup, you are going to want to consider: ability level; styles of riding; board shapes; deck styles; board (shape) features 【Get Price】

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note that there are differences between a custom longboard deck and a custom often mean by that is that you get to pick the trucks and wheels and bearings.【Get Price】

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jun 15, 2016 1 choosing the best cruising longboard; 2 length: what is best for a large – deck length >41” – the big longboards are in this category.【Get Price】

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deck flex – flex is a pretty important component of a cursing longboard. the flex . be sure to choose one with little flex since it's not a good idea for freeriding.【Get Price】

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if you are also inclined to enjoy longboarding just like your friends, you first need to choose the best longboard deck to experience a smooth ride. being an 【Get Price】

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sep 4, 2014 in the first part of our guide, we will focus on different types of longboard decks. when choosing a longboard deck, ask yourself the following 【Get Price】

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jul 21, 2017 the drop down longboard deck (drop through). wanna go fast on a longboard? if you are just picking up the hobby, most recommend a drop 【Get Price】

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generally speaking, longboards are a subtype of skateboards, with the most striking speaking of deck dimensions, the width of the board generally follows the 【Get Price】

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what is a flex deck good for? how to: select a cruiser board/flex when turning, so these are all things to keep in mind when selecting a longboard deck.【Get Price】