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along the back we would like an 8 ft fence; on the front and either side 6 foot will do. we're looking at wood and vinyl. about how much would 【Get Price】

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as all farmers and real estate agents know, an acre is defined as an area one officially, it is 43,560 square feet, and a football field is 48,000 square feet.【Get Price】

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an acre is an area of 43560 square feet so 5 acres is 5 × 43560 = 217800 square feet, but it can be any shape. it might be a square, a rectangle, a circle, 【Get Price】

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the acre is a unit of land area used in the imperial and us customary systems. it is traditionally a square enclosing one acre is approximately 69.57 yards, or 208 feet 9 inches (63.61 metres) on a side. (furlong 220 yards, chain 22 yards); 40 rods by 4 rods, 【Get Price】

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convert from square feet to acres by dividing the square footage by 43,560. to construct a fence around a square parcel of land with a known acreage.【Get Price】

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the question: we are trying to find feet measurement for an acre--not the square footage. can you please help?【Get Price】

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petsafe and innotek dog fences, wireless dog fences, bark collars and training approximately 2,640 feet of wire to enclose the perimeter of a 10 acre area.【Get Price】

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convert square feet to acres (sq ft to ac) with the area conversion calculator, and learn the square foot to acre calculation formula.【Get Price】

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our situation - the cecarelli farm owns a 45-acre parcel of land that had non-electric fences usually need to be at least eight feet tall to discourage the deer 【Get Price】

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answer (1 of 2): that would depend on the length of the panels and how much of the quarter acre you were intending to fence off.(you know the right of 【Get Price】

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acres, fence 20 rod rolls, fence 100 ft. rolls, barb wire 80 rod rolls 1 strand, acres, fence 20 rod rolls, fence 100 ft. rolls, barb wire 80 rod rolls【Get Price】

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mar 24, 2015 in a tract of land there are as many acres as there are boards in the fence surrounding the tract. the boards are 11 feet in length and the fence 【Get Price】

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a five-strand nonelectric wire fence to control livestock can cost $0.25-$1.50 a foot for do-it-yourself installation, or $225-$1,300 to enclose a simple square acre 【Get Price】

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how many feet of fence will you need to enclose 2 acres? the minimum perimeter to enclose 1 acre would be a square with sides of sqrt%284840%29 【Get Price】

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i have tried explaining that a piece of land that measures 210 feet by 210 feet fact the ancient native sandstone fence surrounding the cemetery measured real 【Get Price】

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basic in-ground fence keeps your pet safely contained in your yard. the system can installed in about weekend by burying the boundary wire in your yard and 【Get Price】

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calculate acreage or measure land by seleting the area on a map or by entering dimensions in feet or meters. one acre is equal to 43560 square feet.【Get Price】

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most systems come with 500 feet of boundary wire, which can cover about one-third of an acre. you can buy extra boundary wire in 500 foot lengths. you can 【Get Price】

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fencing a rectangular shaped acreage calculator. spike vm enter the number of acres; the width of the acreage (in feet); how much wire on one roll ( in feet) 【Get Price】

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feb 5, 2014 0.27 acre yard . how many feet to build a fence around the yard ? what is the lot size of this property, in square feet or acres? be the first to 【Get Price】

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apron fence. 0. 116 mile square. 144 acre. yard, garden & kennel. 4. 0. 0. 0. poultry netting. 1 mile = 5,280 feet. 14 mile = 1,320 feet = 1 roll barbed wire.【Get Price】