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my husband is installing a new deck with pressure-treated lumber at our ... pressure treated (pt) lumber takes months to shrink and re-contract on ... this is a little tricky because you want to install pt lumber right away since it will warp quick. ... i do a lot of stain work and i would wait three to four weeks if...【Get Price】

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most wood stains, when applied to new wood will have a very difficult time of ... suggested dry times, stain recommendations, and right down to how to apply the ... in this updated article, we provide some tips for the best way to stain and seal your wood deck. ... update for 2019: best stain for new pressure treated pine.【Get Price】

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staining pressure treated wood enables you to capitalize on the strength and ... with these effective steps, you can enhance your deck, fence, or other structure and enjoy it for many years to come. ... the easiest way to wash new wood is to knock loose any dirt or residue using a pressure washer. ... all rights reserved...【Get Price】

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27 sep 2016 ... when can i paint, stain or seal my new pressure-treated wood deck? ... the best way to know for sure if your pressure-treated wood is dry is...【Get Price】

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setting the record strht on common misbeliefs about the material we use everyday. ... believe it or not, i have been called to examine rotten joists in brand new homes. ... we now harvest smaller second-growth material that contains a high percentage of ... 3) a deck built with pressure treated wood will last a long time.【Get Price】

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9 apr 2016 ... q: how long should i wait before staining pressure-treated lumber? ... this lumber can be stained as soon as the deck is built. ... if the water beads up immediately instead of being absorbed, you need to wait a little longer.【Get Price】

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2 mar 2019 ... if you look closely at the surface of pressure treated lumber, you will notice small ... after you buy new pressure treated lumber, build with it right away, or keep it stacked flat in a ... how to remove solid stain from wood deck...【Get Price】

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a water test is the easiest way to ensure that the wood can absorb sealer or finish. sprinkle water on the deck. if it soaks in immediately, the deck can be sealed. ... if you have a brand-new deck made of treated lumber (as opposed to cedar or redwood), you should wait at ... decking · pressure washers · stains and sealers...【Get Price】

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learn how to stain pressure treated wood, including choosing and applying stain and ... kiln-dried wood will be dry at purchase and can be stained immediately. ... unless the wood is entirely new, you'll need to clean the surface free of dirt or...【Get Price】

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staining pressure treated can be a pain!! check ... i bet you my kids' inheritance that they didn't prep their surface the right way. frankly it .... make sure to get it completely off the wood so that the new stain can absorb into the wood.【Get Price】

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24 apr 2014 ... can you stain pressure treated wood immediately? ... staining pressure treated wood - before and after new deck staining - rain on a tin.【Get Price】

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11 aug 2019 ... when can i stain a new pressure treated deck? ... some products can be applied immediately to new pressure treated lumber -- check the label.【Get Price】

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6 aug 2008 ... if i'm not mistaken, you can seal or stain a deck right away. if you are gong to "paint" pressure treated wood then you should wait 6 months to a...【Get Price】

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29 sep 2013 ... after installing them i immediately stained them to match the old. ... the main concern with pressure treated wood is the moisture content. .... before staining to ensure you remove mildew stains before applying a new coating.【Get Price】

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do not over apply a wood deck stain/sealer to a new deck. ... i just redid a portion of my deck with non-pressure treated lumber. ... hello, can you stain a small cedar deck right away if you sand it all down with an 80 grit sandpaper? {"set":null...【Get Price】

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not only can you stain treated wood, staining and painting pressure treated wood is actually good for your new deck. ... kiln dried pressure treated lumber: dry treated wood is ideal because you can confidently stain it right away with either oil-...【Get Price】

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1 jul 2010 ... by nature of its make-up, pressure-treated lumber does not need protection from the elements, so applying an opaque paint or stain is gilding the lily. if you want to keep it looking new for years to come, here are some simple maintenance .... ©1999 2019 universal forest products, inc. all rights reserved.【Get Price】

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painting the wood before it's dry will be a waste of time because the paint will peel away as the moisture pushes up underneath. test the wood to ... wood with white primer painted on it. ... latex paint works best on pressure treated wood since oil-based paints can resist the surface. ... got a new project you're proud of?【Get Price】

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14 sep 2018 ... find the right color for your treated deck. ... q: my deck is made of pressure-treated lumber but i want to add a bit of ... stain color because many home-owners think you can't use coating on top of .... new olympic smartguard!【Get Price】

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3 mar 2019 ... deck stain help. you can prep and stain now since wood is kdat. ... i plan on staining it in september or october (is that about right?) do i need to .... will this product work for new pressure treated wood 4 months old? reply.【Get Price】

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7 may 2019 ... new wood can stay looking new with little care and regular maintenance. clean the .... we have a new pressure treated fence (wood is ac2 pine from menards) what is ..... your supplier is wrong about staining right away.【Get Price】

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deck stain wood close. the fuzzy area of this close-up view of deck lumber (top right) is ... and pressure-treated pine. ... a new deck finish can simply...【Get Price】

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sealing, painting and staining pressure treated wood. ... now your project could be ready to be finished within 30 days of completion depending on a number...【Get Price】

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7 may 2019 ... if you have a new deck made out of pressure treated wood, it is already ... this is the best because, in most cases, you can use it right away.【Get Price】

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29 mar 2015 ... warren is my husband so he can get away with the occasional comment like this. ... myth number 1 pressure treated wood needs to breathe for at ... right? not so fast. i learned a fancy new term at this course mill glaze.【Get Price】

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pressure treated wood is designed to repel moisture and insect damage in outdoor ... new pressure treated wood usually has a high moisture content, which can...【Get Price】

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it's important to finish typical pressure-treated wood after completion of a deck in ... the new rule of thumb is 30 days, but your project could be ready in less time...【Get Price】

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21 jun 1998 ... i was under the impression that pressure-treated wood would last in its natural state for years--just the way it comes from the lumber dealer. ... select lumber that looks strht and true and is lighter and drier to the touch. ... joists, braces and the underside of deck boards will be hard to reach and finish...【Get Price】

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i want to stain my new treated lumber deck, but i'm told i have to wait several ... pressure treated wood decking is often delivered still wet with preservative. .... i have a brand new installed cedar deck and railing can it be stained right away i live...【Get Price】