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window-to-wall ratio and chicago's path to deep efficiency

mar 22, 2017 window-to-wall ratio and chicago's path to deep efficiency of floor-to-ceiling glass yielding whole-building window-to-wall ratios (wwr) of 75 【Get Price】

glossary of commercial real estate terms

floor area ratio (f.a.r.) - the approved zoning ratio that permits, because of vertical a preliminary measure of floor efficiency is the building core percentage, 【Get Price】

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sometimes referred to as the efficiency ratio, the net to gross ratio is a measure of the net or “what is the best floor to floor height for our new building?【Get Price】

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promoting space efficiency in building design 2006/09 1 provide a high ratio of usable area to gross . space efficiency measurements depend on floor.【Get Price】

architectural programming wbdg - whole building design guide

mar 17, 2016 if a floor plan exists, do a square foot take-off of the areas for various functions. determine the building efficiency (the ratio of existing 【Get Price】

bsd-061: the function of form—building shape and energy

jun 15, 2012 in all buildings, the ratio of enclosure area to floor area is important, and 172,800 ft2 over 12 stories) have a much more efficient form than 【Get Price】

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in general, the building area is the sum of all areas on all floors measured the ega may be appropriate for use in zoning and floor area ratio calculations.【Get Price】

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floor area: 100m. wall area: 52m. wall-to-floor ratio: 0.52. it is worth noting that a circular plan is the most efficient shape in terms of wall to floor ratio as【Get Price】

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efficiency ratio - adjusted1, 53.1, 53.9, 54.3 as the bank is constrained by the basel 1 regulatory floor, the rwa as it relates to the regulatory floor is calculated 【Get Price】

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non-central gas- or oil-fired floor furnace. equipment .. assume energy efficiency ratio of 13 eer. . verified seasonal energy efficiency ratio (seer).【Get Price】

how much circulation percentage should a residential building have

an efficient floor plan of a multi-apartment building will have a circulation area of 11 to 15% of floor plate area - circulation area, but should not 【Get Price】

efficiency proficiency: today's floor plans may be as - the real deal

nov 16, 2015 it is unlikely the next generation of buildings will make efficiency gains on the when it comes to floor plans that maximize usable space — about 30 to 40 percent while these modern ratios leave relatively little room for 【Get Price】

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building efficiency ratio guidelines. albuquerque, nm. revised 07/13/07. general. space. new construction efficiency. factor. low. medium. high.【Get Price】

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building efficiency ratio. the ratio of a building's or floor's net lettable area (nla) to its gross building or floor area (gfa). see also landlord efficiency.【Get Price】

space efficiency in high-rise office buildings - metu journal of the

nov 19, 2008 to-gross ratio in excess of 80% with floor slabs of 2500 m2, and 11.0 m efficiency, such as floor slab size and layout, core integrity, gross and 【Get Price】

floor area ratio - american planning association

by the late 1950s, floor area ratio was being acclaimed as a new and which may travel four miles an hour on business streets or at top efficiency carry only 【Get Price】

efficiency by design: cost-saving apartment concepts property

nov 12, 2017 efficiency by design: cost-saving apartment concepts product to build at $100-$110 per square foot depending on the number of floors.【Get Price】

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may 29, 2014 design economics & the efficiency drive. agenda post – focus on efficiency and simpler forms – lipton . façade area. wall to floor ratio 【Get Price】

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floor area ratio (far) is the ratio of a building's total floor area (gross floor area) to the size of the piece of land upon which it is built. the terms can also refer to 【Get Price】

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source eui by dividing your source energy by your gross floor area (gfa). to your predicted source eui is called the efficiency ratio, which can be mapped 【Get Price】

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apr 20, 2016 building efficiency is the ratio of assignable area to gross building area the exterior walls, or to the horizontal projection of the roof or floor 【Get Price】

net floor area - asset insights

the usable floor area of a building, for the function intended, which is based on the gross floor area space efficiency is defined as the ratio of nfa to gfa.【Get Price】

architectural programming

total nosf with efficiency :total nosf / %efficiency. 4. total with 10% 2) add 10% of nosf with efficiency – mechanical space. 3) add 2% of on what floor.【Get Price】

circulation: defining and planning - gsa

may 11, 2012 based on the ratio of enclosed spaces to open and ratio of open and enclosed spaces. the efficiency of a floor plate can vary depending.【Get Price】