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it contains several rooms separated by interior walls and it has a balcony. in the valais canton, the gross floor area, i.e. the area which also includes exterior 【Get Price】

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the total gross floor area should not include covered walkways, balconies, existing atriums should only include the base floor area that they occupy. interstitial 【Get Price】

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floor area ratio and open space calculations for a. b. existing gross floor area. existing gross area. basement. first floor. second floor. third floor. attic. porches. balcony/deck. garage. other*** exclusions may include space under.【Get Price】

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according to din 277, the gross floor area (gfa) of a building is the total of usable surface areas of all this includes balconies or terraces that are not covered.【Get Price】

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the gross floor area (gfa) is the total property square footage, as measured exterior spaces; balconies; decks; patios; exterior loading docks; driveways 【Get Price】

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gross area, in addition to all internal floor space, should also include attics, covered porches, excavated basement areas, garages, inner or outer balconies, 【Get Price】

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dec 9, 1997 gross floor area includes all existing and proposed floors within the . balconies, and patios when they project from the primary structure and.【Get Price】

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the technical manual also includes supporting .. for purposes of assessing gross floor area, porches, entryways, and balconies fall into one of these 【Get Price】

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may 11, 2009 the gross floor area (gfa) relates to the outer edge of construction the gfa includes solely the lower floor area (area where people balconies are accessible to occupants of the building and have railings around the 【Get Price】

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jan 2, 2013 the saleable area is the actual size of a home, including balconies. gross floor area includes the saleable area plus a share of the common 【Get Price】

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unenclosed spaces (such as balconies, terraces, entry alcoves, roofs, and the gross floor area shall not include shafts with no openings or interior courts.【Get Price】

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the sum of the floor areas of all the spaces within the building, with no exclusions. level of the ground), together with the area of each balcony in the building.【Get Price】

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building or the centerline of party walls between buildings. gross floor area shall include: (a) roofed porches and balconies whether enclosed or unclosed; 【Get Price】

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hong kong use an unique system where gross floor area include a sharepart of units, internal walls thickness, as well as balconies, but exclude bay windows.【Get Price】

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gross area is computed by physically measuring or scaling measurements from the outside (see section 2.3, what to include in a building inventory.) or outer balconies to the extent of a drip line from a roof or balcony immediately above, 【Get Price】

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gross floor area includes basement floor area when more than 50% of the attics, balconies and mezzanines, enclosed porches and floor area devoted to 【Get Price】

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the floor area of a building is the total gross horizontal areas of all floors of a building, floor area also includes unenclosed decks, balconies, porches, and 【Get Price】

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in architectural, construction, and real estate, floor area, floor space, or floorspace is the area gross floor area (gfa) - the total floor area contained within the building measured to the external face of the external walls. counted as part of the bonus g 【Get Price】

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in particular, the gross floor area of a building or buildings shall include and interior balconies and mezzanines, but shall exclude all cellars and any basement 【Get Price】

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this includes the surface area and thickness of exterior walls, excavated basement areas, and inner and outer balconies. gross square footage comprises net 【Get Price】

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this area may include areas such as penthouse mechanical rooms, basement services, exterior corridors, tunnels, balconies, overhangs, etc. gross 【Get Price】

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how to measure an apartment in order to determine the rentable area and exclude unheated spaces such as balconies, patios, or outside storage lockers. since the term gross building area normally includes community areas and 【Get Price】