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5 ugly stains on basement walls: what are they and how to cope

apr 28, 2017 find out about the 5 most common basement wall stains and how to fix harmful particles like mold spores and dust mite pellets from the air you breathe. ugly and very messy basement with chips of paint all over the floor.【Get Price】

tips on cleaning dusty basement floors in new constructions for

many people assume that new construction homes will be clean when they move in because nobody has lived in them before. however, most new construction 【Get Price】

basement cement dust from floor - building & construction - diy

hi, what's the best way to keep the dust down in a basement from the floor, since concrete will constantly emit dust over time. i am planning on 【Get Price】

floors, walls, and other interior surfaces – about the house

there are two basic rules for routine care for hardwood floors. and soften a concrete basement floor it can provide a fertile home for fungi, dust mites and other 【Get Price】

dust proofing unfinished basement concrete floor - home

i would recommend using ordinary concrete floor paint, non-glossy, water-based. one common brand of that is the same brand as a 【Get Price】

unfinished basement ideas - 9 affordable tips - bob vila

unfinished concrete flooring will produce fine dust if it's not sealed, so you may want to consider applying a sealer. it's an easy diy project that will go a long way 【Get Price】

products to help remove dust from basement floors - homesteady

jul 21, 2017 the dog sheds hair and the basement floor sheds dust—huge quantities of it. keeping up with either can be an unending task. but don't 【Get Price】

the healthy basement - allergic living

jan 5, 2011 if you can afford it, start new basement flooring with a sub-floor of the dust, dander and other particulates that you bring into the basement 【Get Price】

products to help remove dust from basement floors hunker

the family dog and unfinished concrete basement floors have one thing in common: they shed. the dog sheds hair and the basement floor sheds dust—huge 【Get Price】

rust-oleum industrial- how to video: sealing dusty concrete floors

jan 9, 2015 seal unfinished concrete floors and prevent concrete dusting with rust-oleum's concrete saver 5500 system acrylic dust-proofing floor sealer. easy and how to waterproof a basement ron hazelton's house calls feat.【Get Price】

asbestos floor tile: is it safe to remove on your own?

jul 13, 2018 working with asbestos flooring can release toxic dust. lack of awareness in the past has led to many workers suffering from terrible diseases 【Get Price】

tips on cleaning dusty basement floors in new constructions

unfinished basement floors can be dusty and dirty, but cleaning them is straightforward, and you'll feel much better about moving your storage items into a clean 【Get Price】

stop concrete dust with radonseal concrete sealer

concrete dust is dangerous to your health and particularly, children. if there is a bare concrete floor in your home or basement, your family's health is at risk 【Get Price】

prg, inc. 5 tips to decrease the ick-factor of unfinished basements

if this describes your unfinished basement, here are some tips to making the space more pleasant. install or build shelves, making certain that things are off the floor. basement. clean regularly to keep away the cobwebs and dust bunnies.【Get Price】

what should i do about concrete dust in a basement? - quora

going ot the matter of what caused the dust in the first place. if it was dusty what is the best way to level an uneven concrete basement floor?【Get Price】

basements – about the house

cracks in floors and walls what should i do about cracks in my basement floors and walls? the concrete on my basement floor continually creates dust.【Get Price】

dust mites - basement troubleshooting guide

dust mites- how to eliminate them, what they do to your health. if you have carpet laid directly on the concrete floor in your basement, it's time to remove it.【Get Price】

how to clean an unsealed concrete floor home guides sf gate

dec 19, 2018 is a common flooring material in basements, garages and work rooms. dust mop after sweeping to remove any remaining grit on the floor, 【Get Price】

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ever since work was completed on my new, finished basement six months ago, parts of the floor have been playing host to a fine, chalk-like 【Get Price】

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mar 20, 2019 grinding a garage floor for an epoxy coating wasn't easy until now. plus, dust control can be an issue unless you spend more money for the 【Get Price】

ask oth: dusty and dripping basement walls - old town home

jun 7, 2012 while covering your walls with polyurethane will seal in the dust and give .. we have a basement floor drain that is attached to our main stack.【Get Price】

how to allergy-proof your basement howstuffworks

all sorts of allergens can lurk in the depths of a basement. often neglected if you do store stuff, keep it off the floor in easy-to-dust plastic or metal containers.【Get Price】

basement floor & concrete dust this old house

jan 21, 2008 3 months ago, we moved into a new house with an unfinished concrete basement. the concrete continues to shed excess dust. we want an 【Get Price】