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dec 9, 2015 pox is a mono-black deck hellbent on ripping the opponent's hand to shreds, then winning the long game with either mishra's factory or a 【Get Price】

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dec 19, 2011 pox is indeed mono-black, and it's a slow, noncombo strategy, but it's nothing like the control decks we've become used to in recent years.【Get Price】

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updated jan 05, 2018 by biigpox using our mtg deck builder. an aggressive deck! able to disrupt any gameplan through disruption, and is designed to grind 【Get Price】

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jun 22, 2017 while it's not pox and it's not exactly smallpox, undercity plague is the glean other good board wipes within mono black and our price restriction, against a red or black deck, this might as well be a private the abyss.【Get Price】

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jan 16, 2018 he will misplay, use sideboard the wrong way and doesn't expect cards in your deck during games. clear examples; mono blue devotion is 【Get Price】

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tl;dr** what are good mono-b stax cards, and what commander do you suggest for a deck that's aiming to lock out creatures and win by 【Get Price】

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may 5, 2019 davriel · smallpox · oathbreaker · mono black · pox · mono b control · the rack - smallpox, davriel, rogue shadowmage, abyssal gatekeeper, 【Get Price】

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pox (card) 0.22 tix. pox. in 756 decks 1% of 113454 decks 34.48% of 29 decks 10 decks. $0.59 ob nixilis of the black oath .. black sun's zenith.【Get Price】

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mar 20, 2017 smallpox might be one of the most underused cards in modern. 4, dark confidant, 1 b . instant deck tech: mono-red sarkhan (standard), jun 11, 2019; instant deck tech: hogaak bridgevine (modern), jun 10, 2019 【Get Price】

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return to content. pox legacy decks mono-black pox · michael chan · face to face legacy showdown face to face games toronto · 22/07/2018 · 3 of 32.【Get Price】

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against any deck, discard spells will remove vital cards from their hand, land . non traditional, as most lists now are mono black/liliana pox.【Get Price】

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mar 13, 2018 legacy pox utilized it as a flexible threat that plays well with smallpox. phyrexian obliterator saw play in standard zombie and mono black control decks, legacy “pikula” decks (alongside dark rituals that made negator 【Get Price】

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hey everyone! i've been workin on a smallpox deck for quite a while now. i used to play br with blood moons, which i really liked to pilot; 【Get Price】

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we have collected the top mono black peasant decks from the latest tournaments. (mono black is also known as mbc devotion, smallpox or black ponza).【Get Price】

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pox decks. deck, player, event, level, rank, date. pox · michael lythgoe 5-8, 16/12/18. mono-black pox · james everson · legacy showdown, 6, 18/11/18.【Get Price】

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arclight phoenix, 88, 9 %. red deck wins, 49, 5 % tokens, 3, 0 %. bant, 3, 0 %. mono black aggro, 2, 0 % smallpox decks. deck, player, event, level 【Get Price】

a bit of a mentalist? then play pox in legacy, here's how (and it's

there are many different ways in which you can build this deck, but the oldest, most streamlined and cheapest way is mono-black. the archetype is named after 【Get Price】

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jan 21, 2019 it should be established at this point that i'm a sucker for smallpox. i've played in all the decks. in mono-black smallpox. in flagstones of 【Get Price】

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jun 20, 2015 i received several mono-black urzatron-powered control decks and this idea was one of my favorites. something about mono-black urzatron 【Get Price】

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smallpox decks, related cards, strategies, rulings, and more. legacy, staple, 55 decks. commander, staple, 158 decks. vintage monoblack pox · t16 pox 【Get Price】