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if corte*clean? has not been used before, it will clean composites of the tannin, from the dead organic material, such as wood fiber, . weathering of composites can generally take months to years depending the type of plastic they are made from, the environment they .. do you think it is smart or wise to clean a composite deck, dock or fence of mold with chlorine bleach, products mixed with chlorine.【Get Price】

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if you see mold on your deck, clean it with a commercial deck wash containing a detergent and bleach (the ingredient on the package might call it “sodium hypochlorite). the bleach, says, will remove the mold, but also could lighten the.【Get Price】

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to maintain the beauty of your deck, a little care & cleaning goes a long way. . if debris, such as pollen and dirt, is allowed to remain on the deck surface, mold can feed on the biofilm. . no greater than 3100 psi*** that has a fan attachment/adjustment and soap dispenser may be used to remove dirt, concrete dust, or other . use of products containing bleach or acid will lighten the surface of .【Get Price】

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periodic cleaning of transcend? decking and railing will maintain the beauty of the deck. . deck brighteners contain oxalic acid which will remove tannins. ice & snow. a plastic shovel may be used to remove snow from the deck. . if debris such as pollen and dirt is allowed to remain on the deck surface, mold can . *use of products containing bleach or acid will lighten the surface of . use in.【Get Price】

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really dirty decks can be cleaned as you would a car, a good bucket with soapy water (detergent) and a brush and a hose will do wonders on any kind of deck be it treated wood,, composite or cellular pvc. . there is much controversy about bleach's effectiveness in eliminating mold and mildew, but the general consensus is that bleach works as well as anything at killing mold and mildew, but, you.【Get Price】

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you do have to watch some if you have plants near the deck as they can kill them. i have used a strong mixture of oxiclean and it does not seem to bother the plants as it is an oxygen bleach. my own deck is in the shade most.【Get Price】

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plastic decking can be scratched and will degrade with the use of bleach. . effective in killing or removing molds on *porous surfaces such as composite decking and this fact is stated on the label directions of products like clorox? bleach.【Get Price】

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3 aug 2005 . i have used a new composite deck cleaner called corte-clean (wwwpositedeckcleaner) now being ... several commenters were spot on when suggesting that chlorine bleach should never be used to clean the.【Get Price】

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29 jun 2011 . a pressure washer can be used to clean your deck if done correctly and the wood is in good shape (the pressure can cause further damage if it . 3/4 cup oxygen bleach (optional but good to use if mildew stains are present).【Get Price】

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deck wash with bleach and detergent (ex: olympic deck wash or expert chemical? composite deck cleaner & enhancer); scrub brush; water . some washes can be used directly from the package while others require dilution. apply the.【Get Price】

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this step by step walk through shows you how to clean composite decking and then how to seal composite decking. . just remember, you can't remove anything left on the deck once the project is finished. so take your . avoid using bleach.【Get Price】

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learn how to clean your composite decking product from moistureshield. periodic care and . if necessary, mild soap and warm water can be used with a scrub brush to gently remove stubborn spots. . please note that olympic deck cleaner is a bleach based cleaner and may temporarily lighten the surface appearance.【Get Price】

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18 aug 2016 . composite decks are made up of different materials, basically wood and plastic. each of these materials is susceptible to different soils and can require different chemistries. ie bleach based cleaners are often used to 'oxidize'.【Get Price】

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cleaning algae on composite deck: even composite decking requires regular care. . all exterior building materials gets dirty and can develop biological growth stains, green plank deck is no different, it's important to . when purchasing a cleaner, always check the label and never use a chlorine bleach based "cleaner".【Get Price】

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9 mar 2012 . my search continues for a decent composite deck cleaner that does not require painful scrubbing of every plank. . i'm trying to avoid using bleach as much as i can since the cleaners i have used so far (where bleach was the.【Get Price】

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14 sep 2005 . our contractor recommended and installed composite lumber when we built a large deck three years ago. after the first . we have used three different cleaning products mixed with bleach, pressure washed, about four or five times per season. after what we . mildew needs a food source to grow, which can be grass, pollens, dirt, debris, wood and wood resins. maintaining a.【Get Price】

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9 mar 2012 . liquid bleach, or chlorine bleach, is the absolute worst thing you can use on your deck, and you'll see why just below. decks can be made from different materials like: wood; composite materials including wood and plastic.【Get Price】

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that said, if you follow the recommended instructions for cleaning your composite deck, you can expect it to stay looking great for years. it's generally suggested that you use a power washer to clean a composite deck. be sure to check with.【Get Price】

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corte*clean? composite deck cleaner is a powerful cleaner specifically designed to clean composite decks, composite docks . commonly known as chlorine bleach, which is corrosive to structural metal decking hardware . at least twice (2x) yearly, spring & fall, or when stains appear, as corte*clean? is designed & intended to be used, . if corte*clean? can't get composites clean and routinely proactively help to maintain them, at an even lower cost,.【Get Price】

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6 jul 2016 . cleaning decking with oxygen bleach can remove most of the spots. . however, it's possible that mold and mildew spores could be already present in the recycled wood material that's used to make the decking.【Get Price】

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*note that composite deck cleaners such as corte clean?, thompson's? water seal?—oxy action, olympic? deck cleaner, or other cleaners specified as composite deck cleaners, in powder or liquid form, should not be used with.【Get Price】

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perhaps this explains why so many composite manufacturers that have routinely recommended chlorine bleach or other . this photo represents a classic example of why sodium hypochlorite should never be recommended or used to clean.【Get Price】

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24 may 2010 . i used corteclean deck wash to clean this deck. after you have built your deck , i recommend cleaning your deck at least twice per year to keep it looking good and to help prevent mould and mildew. some decks should be.【Get Price】