bathroom pipe sticking out from the floor

your building's drainage system: how it works & repair

jan 24, 2018 learn about the 3 main components, common types of pipes, and what your repair options are. are you experiencing regular toilet stoppages and backups, tree . to the old pipes by means of trenching floors and tearing out walls. . he claims t 【Get Price】

what is a plumbing vent and why do i need it? home matters ahs

find out what issues can cause your vent pipes not to work properly and what to sounds coming from your drains, see standing water in your sink or bathtub, 【Get Price】

how to clean out a tub drain today's homeowner

watch this video to find out how to clear a clogged bathtub drain by taking off the drain use the drain stick to clean inside it while flushing it out with water.【Get Price】

if all the plumbing drains have water in them and you can still smell

mar 5, 2015 1)a loose wax seal between a toilet and the floor can allow a small opening that will let sewer gas get out, since it is behind the internal trap of the toilet. if that's where the smell if coming from—and it's time to call a plumber.【Get Price】

what are those pipes sticking out of my roof? - pro systems roofing

jun 3, 2014 brief explanation of the white pvc pipes that come out of roofs, what they except for floor drains, just about all plumbing fixtures need a vent.【Get Price】

how to install a shower drain - the spruce

may 13, 2019 shower drains should be matched to the shower base and the drain pipe type. wet bathroom floor and shower head . after the subfloor of the shower is prepared and clean, install the bottom flange of the shower drain into the drain pipe, usually 【Get Price】

why do i have sewer smells in my home or business?

what comes in must go out, and half of plumbing is about getting rid of waste. each plumbing fixture (toilet, sink, shower, floor drain, etc.) is connected to this system of pipes that carry the coming into your home through plumbing fixtures.【Get Price】

unclog a sink, shower or tub drain - lowe's

cleaning out a sink trap removes clogs caused by buildup — such as soap how to unclog a bathroom sink or kitchen sink using a drain stick on a shower drain, remove the strainer in the shower floor and insert the cable into the drain.【Get Price】

plumbing - pipe blocking drywall placement - home improvement

i'm redoing my 2nd floor bathroom and this is my first major project. when if you are covering in tile you can cut out a hole in your sheetrock or i second the electrician coming back. there is no way that meets code. even in kazakhstan. load of pipe 【Get Price】

basement rough-in terry love plumbing & remodel diy

mar 4, 2005 my home is 3 years old [2 story plus above ground basement - called pvc pipes sticking up out of the concrete floor -- one for the toilet, one 【Get Price】

plumbing nightmares that will make you cringe reader's digest

check out our collection of plumbing fails and other scary home stuff. . stick shift toilet. 32-old-toilet-2 courtesy the carpenters carelessly placed a floor joist directly under a shower that's clearly marked on the house plans. and then a 【Get Price】

why old homes have small galvanized pipes sticking out of the

structure tech. do you live in an old home? if so, have you noticed two mysterious galvanized pipes sticking out of the ground in your yard? those small 【Get Price】

signs of a hidden water leak in your bathroom angie's list

oct 24, 2012 a bathroom plumbing leak can lead to costly water damage, but the signs aren't always obvious. to the wall becomes less sticky and the paper begins to come loose. to fix the leak, a plumber often must tear out the drywall, requiring th 【Get Price】

plumbing vents, why houses need them (forget the water bottle

oct 2, 2018 they're those pipes sticking up out of the roof that run through the attic . it's a really small downstairs bath and i believe it is coming from the 【Get Price】

how a dry p-trap can leak sewer gas smells angie's list

apr 22, 2016 plumbing vent stacks are what all of those pipes are that stick out of our are hard to see or hidden, such as on a floor drain, shower or toilet.【Get Price】

sewer and drain problems roto-rooter

read our faq on sewer and drain problems. should you sink drain a pipe snake got stuck in our bathtub drain. plumbers use two methods to remove the clean-out plug. sometimes it's necessary to break up floor drains and other lines.【Get Price】

pipe sticking out of wall - community forums

walls and ceilings - pipe sticking out of wall - hi, i'm new here i'm i'm redoing my 2nd floor bathroom and this is my first major project. when 【Get Price】

sink plumbing: what to know about installation apartment

oct 18, 2017 but, as we discovered in our recent bathroom makeover, when it comes the floor); and 2) the main drain pipe (the thick one sticking out of the 【Get Price】

6 plumbing - department of health

the disconnector trap (dt) is a pipe coming out of the ground which is sealed off with a bathroom floor waste gully taking all the wastewater from the bathroom 【Get Price】