can i use pine sol on wooden floors

how to clean hardwood floors pine-sol

mop your floor with the mixture. try not to let liquid pool, which can warp and streak wood. step4. scrub stains and shoe marks with full-strength pine-sol . use 【Get Price】

how to clean laminate floors – less water is best

cleaning laminate floors is a breeze with the right mop. this handy guide will teach you how to clean laminate floors effortlessly so you have more time to put 【Get Price】

cleaning lady: what not to buy smibbo

(hd, fabuloso and pine-sol have not paid me for mentioning their products) i'd i'll start gentle and nice: do not use murphy's on your hardwood floors or your 【Get Price】

the best way to clean wood floors

jul 11, 2018 wood flooring is beautiful, but it can be a pain to clean. you can mop the penetrating seal or oil treated floors, but be sure to use a damp mop.【Get Price】

best hardwood floor cleaners - top-rated hardwood floor

mar 29, 2019 wood floors may look fragile and hard to care for, but nothing could be floors are really quite easy to care for, it is important to use products 【Get Price】

wood floor maintenance wood expert tips mn

hardwood floors will last 25 years between sandings, if they are well-maintained. do not clean the floor with furniture polish, vinegar, ammonia, pine cleaners, we also use and recommend the bona professional spray cleaner for 【Get Price】

7 tips for proper hardwood floor maintenance

sep 24, 2014 proper maintenance of hardwood flooring will help prolong the life of your floor side, using devices such as steam cleaners or floor steamer mops can really polish such as pledge, vinegar, ammonia, or any pine cleaners!【Get Price】

pine-sol frequently asked questions

q: how can i use original pine-sol multi-surface cleaner to disinfect? a: apply q: can i use pine-sol squirt 'n mop on hardwood floors or on wood? a: yes.【Get Price】

how to clean laminate wood floors murphy oil soap

but to keep it that way, you need to learn how to clean laminate wood floors to there are a number of strategies you can use to keep laminate wood floors in 【Get Price】

3 simple steps to keep your hardwood floors looking good! · jillee

apr 25, 2012 mop the floor in the direction of the floorboards, so if the water dries with a bit of a streak in it, it will not be as visible. after mopping, use a soft, 【Get Price】

5 cleaning mistakes that make you look like a rookie – sheknows

sep 12, 2014 “many people do not know how to take care of wood floors, and the of simple green and pine-sol, but allen warns that these cleaners can 【Get Price】

the 5 best ways to clean laminate floors - wikihow

mar 29, 2019 instead of using a dry dust mop, you could also use a vacuum with a soft similarly, don't use pine scented products on your laminate floors, 【Get Price】

hardwood floor cleaning charlotte nc do's and don'ts

jul 6, 2017 clean your floors regularly using light water and pine sol, being sure to you can also use dry mops and a vacuum cleaner (on its hardwood 【Get Price】

uses for pine-sol cleaning solution hunker

apr 12, 2018 pine-sol can be used on a variety of surfaces including hardwood and tile. use some caution when cleaning wood furniture or floors; if the 【Get Price】

best laminate floor cleaner (2019): reviews of steam mops

let's take a look at the best laminate floor cleaners to see which ones best fit your 【Get Price】

how to clean laminate floors apartment therapy

jan 20, 2014 here are some of our best tips for cleaning laminate floors. baby shampoo. your floors.” pergo says that vinegar can be used for heavy cleaning, at a ratio of 1 cup of vinegar per gallon of water. no murphy's oil, no pine sol.【Get Price】

5 things to know about cleaning your kitchen floors kitchn

feb 20, 2017 think about it: how clean can you really be getting your floors if you're another reason to use microfiber? for ceramic tile, liquid floor-cleaning products (like mr. clean or pine-sol) can a combination of mild dish soap and water is 【Get Price】

how to clean hardwood floors with pine sol (with pictures) ehow

use this forest-scented cleaner in many areas of your. as your solid hardwood floor has been properly finished, cleaning it with pine sol will help keep pine sol is as safe for engineered wood floors as it is for solid wood -- safer, in fact -- as 【Get Price】