chinese park benches spikes

pictures of the day: 17 august 2010 - telegraph

aug 17, 2010 a spiked park bench created by german artist fabian brunsing. a chinese plan to copy a german idea for park benches that have spikes that 【Get Price】

china's painful solution to homeless living under bridges

jul 17, 2012 china's painful solution to homeless living under bridges spiked park benches: sharp spikes make a nasty pointaugust 25, 2010in 【Get Price】

"bum-proof" chinese bridge : pics - reddit

jul 5, 2012 "bum-proof" chinese bridge ( .. you find park benches with concrete spikes instead of armrests dividing each seat to prevent it 【Get Price】

retractable spikes installed on park benches to deter lazy bums

aug 16, 2010 fabian brunsing's design, which has been copied by a park in china (cen). if anyone lingers too long, the steel rods will pop up. 'this seems 【Get Price】

golden spike day; the sesquicentennial of a transportation marvel

may 5, 2019 crocker insisted that if the chinese built the great wall of china, they . none of the ceremonial spikes are at the park itself. .. the telegraph poll and log benches sit next to the rail with the golden spike national historic 【Get Price】

visitors in yantai park must pay to relax on park benches

oct 23, 2010 visitors in yantai park must pay to relax on park benches an interesting news story reports that yantai park in shangdong province, eastern china has or else metal spikes will 'encourage' the imposter to stand instead.【Get Price】

design crimes: how 'hostile architecture' is quietly hurting our cities

mar 1, 2018 hostile architecture takes many forms, from the overt and aggressive, like metal bars on park benches and anti-homeless spikes, to the 【Get Price】

james hughes creates hostile bench to show "ugly side" of urban

jul 17, 2018 leeds beckett university graduate james hughes has made a bench with metal spikes embedded in its seat to highlight issues surrounding 【Get Price】

coin-operated park bench in china? / boing boing

aug 18, 2010 when you insert a 0.50 euro coin, spikes in the bench's seat retract, that officials at yantai park in shangdong province, eastern china,…【Get Price】

avantgardens - pay & sit: coin-operated bench facebook

coin-operated bench by german artist fabian brunsing. a chinese plan to copy a german idea for park benches that have spikes that only retract when you 【Get Price】

homelessness and controlling public spaces public places past

jun 11, 2014 this sparked an outcry over these spikes and others found elsewhere should councils stop using anti homeless benches or not? in late imperial china, poverty was not a social crime and was not of course, archaeology tends to have a bit of 【Get Price】

when in china, beware of benches — rt world news -

aug 16, 2010 chinese park officials are going to teach their visitors good manners with the help of steel spikes inserted in benches.【Get Price】

defensive architecture - aka anti-homeless spikes squat the planet

next was a bench in a smallish park just off pentonville road. concrete spikes under a road bridge in guangzhou city, guangdong, china.【Get Price】

silver spike - city of houston

silver spike was dedicated on january 12, 1983, the centennial of the completion of the southern and mandarin, and lists four groups responsible for it: the houston association of chinese organizations, the moonscape bench art in parks is funded by a gran 【Get Price】

hostile architecture: how cities are designed to control your

mar 9, 2018 why you can't get comfortable on a public park bench, we've got the answer. in 1822, the house's owners added a spike-laden bar above its entrance the metro reports that officials at yantai park in shangdong, china 【Get Price】

spikes and sprinklers: french charity launches map to track anti

dec 8, 2017 to a homeless person looking for a place to sleep, a bench with an i manage the security teams that patrol paris's public parks and gardens.【Get Price】

anti-homeless spikes are just the latest in 'defensive urban

jun 12, 2014 eager to prevent loitering, the authorities at yantai park in shandong, china introduced a pay-per-minute system for the use of its benches: 【Get Price】

pay & sit bench keeps the poor standing, the rich relaxing wired

jul 15, 2010 pay & sit is a park bench dreamed up by designer designer fabian brunsing. of the street-furniture world, deploying vicious metal spikes to \[…【Get Price】

why cities are full of uncomfortable benches - youtube

nov 29, 2017 that bench won't be yours forever. subscribe to our channel! when designing urban spaces, city planners have many 【Get Price】

11 best unpleasant design + hostile architecture. images in 2019

concrete spikes under a road bridge in guangzhou city, guangdong, china. there's a name for uncomfortable benches, hard-to-reach parks, and ubiquitous 【Get Price】

park benches a pain in the bum - global times

aug 29, 2010 the spikes are too short to cause any serious harm - but long enough to he didn't foresee that a very practical country like china might actually grabbing a bench at dawn and staying there all day," said one park official.【Get Price】

hostile architecture - wikipedia

a camden bench in london, a noted specific example of hostile design. hostile architecture is an urban design trend in which public spaces are constructed or altered anti-homeless spikes on london's curtain road to prevent homeless people from sleeping there .【Get Price】